Wine Survivor Entry

Wine Survivor Entry


Welcome to Wine Survivor & Thank You for supporting Saving Grace Animal Society!

When purchasing a ticket through the website, please indicate your team name (if you are registering as a team). If you’re registering as an individual, please put “Individual” and we’ll assign you a team as more people sign up!  

How does this work?

1.     Individuals are able to register as a single or team member – teams are groups of 5 people. If you do not have a team, you will be placed in one and an email will be sent out connecting you to your group to come up with a team name and team captain!

2.     You pay for the entry fee and the purchase of wine on your behalf.  Saving Grace will take care of the shopping and collecting, you just have to sit back and watch the winnings pot grow!

3.     Once we have enough participants registered, all are connected with a team and have a team name and captain, we will begin the elimination rounds.

4.     Each day, we will post a LIVE Facebook video with the help of an adoptable pup, drawing names out of a hat. This is a reverse draw – you DON’T want to be picked! As people are eliminated, the teams get smaller. We will continue to draw a certain number of names per day until the SOLE SURVIVOR is left. That person’s TEAM wins first place!

5.     There is more than one prize! First team eliminated, best team name, 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st place ALL receive prizes. These will be dependent on the amount of people to sign up – the more entries, the more winnings!

6.     The team captain will be responsible for picking up the alcohol and distributing it amongst team members so choose your Captain wisely! For those who were randomly assigned a team, we can assist with splitting the winnings and be available for pickup for each individual.

7.     Because we have such a wide spread volunteer base and are frequently travelling, we encourage people from ALL over Alberta to join in on the fun!

 Next Steps:

If you registered as an individual, please keep an eye out for an email connecting you with your survivor team in the near future – we’ll need a name and a team captain from each team!

Already registered with a team name and captain? Just sit back and relax until we start the elimination rounds! Your team captain will receive an email when this date is set after we’ve recruited enough participants.

Thanks again and Good Luck!!

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