Erin Deems

Saving Grace Animal Society

Executive director

Erin has been extremely passionate about the animal welfare world since she was a young girl. She graduated from Olds College Animal Health Technology Program, and went on to enforce humane handling and transportation as an inspector for the provincial and federal government. After 6 years of inspection, she moved on to become a Peace Officer for the SPCA. Throughout her experiences she realized there was a gap needing to be filled in the animal welfare world, and decided to devote 100% of her time to starting a rescue, a rescue that would be a 'Saving Grace' for animals that would historically go through auction, or be euthanized.  



Amanda Schweer McClughan

Saving Grace Animal Society

Chief development Director

Amanda has always been an animal lover since she was a little girl. She has been actively involved in the rescue world for about 8 years now and enjoys volunteering with the Alberta spay and neuter task force crew. She volunteered previously for over 5 years with another rescue organization as Adoption & Events Coordinator and has always opened up her home to fosters. Upon the birth of her 1st child, her little animal lover Maylin she took a small break from rescue only to realize it was always drawing her back in! Event Planning & Fundraising has always been something she has enjoyed & excelled at and when she met Erin and realized their was a need for someone to fill that spot with Saving Grace she jumped at the opportunity.
She is ecstatic to be a part of the Saving Grace Animal Society team as the Development Director and continue to follow her passion for animals and advocate for change in the rescue world!



Cory Winn

Saving Grace Animal Society


Cory found her passion for rescue dogs three years ago when she started volunteering, fostering, and adopting her last three dogs from a local rescue. She wanted to continue finding ways to give back and that's when she found Saving Grace. With Saving Grace, I’m very fortunate to be a part of a great team and share my love of animals,educating others about the importance of spay/neuter initiatives, and help our local communities address animal welfare.